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Your gift today helps Transplant Unwrapped ensure every patient, caregiver, and member of the intestinal community feels well-educated and supported through every step of their challenging medical journey.


Give where there is a great need.

When Celeste’s son received his multivisceral transplant, there were few online resources and support systems available.


When you give to Transplant Unwrapped, you help to bridge this gap and fuel our education and support programs for patients and families, like Celeste and her little one, enduring this medical journey.

Other Ways to Help

Shop with Amazon Smile.

Contact Us for Opportunities.

Contact Us for Opportunities.

How Do We Use Your Donation?

Transplant Unwrapped is an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization run exclusively by unpaid volunteers. 100% of donations are used for the development of new educational resources, our support programs, and general operating expenses. Our EIN: 85-0748376.

Some Expenses At-a-Glance

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Monthly Webinars: $1,000

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Kid's Website and Educational Resources: $3,000

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Main Website and Educational Resources: $3,000

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