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Bariatric Surgery Complications

Causes of Short Bowel Syndrome in Bariatric Procedure Patients includes:

  • Obstructions due to adhesions.

  • Internal hernias: This occurs in about 5% of all gastric bypass patients (1). Difficult to diagnoses clinically and radiographically. Both the herniated intestinal segment and the bordering intestinal segments are at risk for ischemia.

  • Volvulus.

  • Incarcerated incisional hernias.

  • Mesenteric ischemia.

  • Complications in the bypassed intestine.

Often times complications results in massive bowel resection, ultrashort bowel, leaving the individual with the inability to maintain nutritional status without the support of parenteral nutrition and making them a candidate for intestinal transplant evaluation.


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Bariatric Surgery Complications
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