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Intestinal Rehabilitation and Transplantation


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This page provides an overview of the information you can find in this section. This section is intended for pediatric patients and caregivers. Be sure to check out our special page just for kids here.

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Indications for Transplant

For the first step of the process, you, your primary care doctor, or your gastroenterologist will determine if your child should be referred to an intestinal transplant center. Visit this page of our website to learn more about short bowel syndrome, intestinal failure, and the indications for intestinal transplant. 

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The transplant team evaluates your child to determine if he or she is a good candidate for transplant. This includes both organ-specific tests and tests to assess his or her overall health. Read more here. 

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Selection Committee and The Waitlist

After the evaluation, your child's case will be presented in front of a selection committee. If the transplant team decides that your child is a good transplant candidate, he or she be registered on the national organ transplant waiting list. Read more here. 

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The Call and Transplant

After waiting for an unknown period of time, your child will receive a call for an organ match. This can be scary and exciting. The transplant surgery will be long and recovery hard, but your child will have his or her whole transplant team supporting them. Read more here. 



After your child's transplant surgery he or she will require many medications to make sure his or her new organ remains healthy. Read more about possible medications here. 

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After your child's transplant surgery there is a high likelihood that he or she may endure some type of complication. This should not scare you away nor crush your spirits. This is normal and your child's transplant team will be right by his or her side to take care of everything as needed. Read more about possible complications here. 

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Once your child is stable enough to be discharged from the hospital your child will return home to recover and you will have to help manage his or her care on a day- to-day basis. Read more about your responsibilities as a caregiver of a post-transplant patient here. 


Helpful Resources

Kids Korner: A page with content just for kids, including a fun activity book.

Young Adults Page: A page for teens going through intestinal transplant.

Additional Pediatric Resources: Helpful videos for pediatric patients, websites, downloads, and phone application suggestions.



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