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Match: The degree of compatibility or likeness between a donor and a recipient.

Match Run: The list that is generated when an organ donor's information is entered into the national waiting list computer system to identify potential recipients.

Medicaid:  A partnership between the Federal Government and the individual States to share the cost of providing medical coverage for some patients without health insurance. Individual States decide who is eligible and what benefits and services to cover. Programs vary greatly from State to State.

Medically necessary: A specific healthcare service or supply your insurance company supports as being required for your medical treatment and as being the most efficient and economical way to provide that service. Examples would be having a minor surgical procedure performed in the doctor’s office instead of staying overnight in a hospital, or renting rather than buying a piece of medical equipment.

Medicare: The Federal Government program that provides hospital and medical insurance through Social Security taxes to people age 65 and over, those who have permanent kidney

failure, and certain people with disabilities.

Medicare-approved facility: A facility that meets Medicare standards for the number of transplants they do and the quality of patient outcomes.

Medigap policy (MedSupp, Medicare supplementary): Private insurance that helps cover some of the gaps in Medicare coverage.

Metabolic Disorder: A condition or disease related to dysfunction in the chemical processes and activities of the body (i.e., metabolism).

Multiple listing: Being on the organ transplant waiting list at more than one transplant center.

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