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This section contains video interviews of clinicians from multiple intestinal rehabilitation and transplantation centers across the nation. Each clinician offers a unique perspective and useful educational information on short bowel syndrome, intestinal failure, intestinal rehabilitation, and intestinal and multivsceral transplantation.

Four-Part Intestinal Transplant Series From Mt. Sinai Clinicians

Part One: Pre-Transplant (Below) Presented by Alyssa Burnham RPA-C

Part Two: Intestinal Transplant Surgery Presented by Dr. Kishore Iyer

Part Three: Post- Intestinal Transplant Presented by Alyssa Burnham RPA-C

Part Four: Social Work and Intestinal Transplant Presented by Mary Brosnan, LCSW

Q & A with Dr. Segovia

Part One: Overview of Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN)

Part Two: Overview of Intestinal Rehabilitation and Transplantation (coming soon)

Part Three: Post- Intestinal Transplant (coming soon) 

Coming Soon


Dr. M. Cristina Segovia


Interview Topics: TPN, Short Bowel, and Intestinal Rehab


Dr. Jennifer Garcia

Interview Topics: Pediatric Intestinal Failure, Intestinal Rehab, Intestinal Transplant


Dr. Kareem Abu-Elmagd

Interview Topics: Intestinal Failure, Intestinal Rehab, Intestinal Transplant