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We can make a difference.

Meet Owen. 

Owen is a little warrior who waited for just under 2 years to receive his multivisceral transplant. He has received his transplant and continues to live his life to the fullest he can with his entire family! 

When you give to Intestinal Rehab & Transplant Unwrapped, you help to ensure that families like Owen's are always educated and supported. 

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Want to write a check?

Intestinal Rehab & Transplant Unwrapped

6717 Palermo Trail

Flower Mound, TX 75077

Your gift today helps Intestinal Rehab & Transplant Unwrapped ensure every patient, caregiver, and member of the intestinal community feels well-educated and supported through every step of their challenging medical journey.

Other Ways to Help

There are many ways you can help us at Intestinal Rehab & Transplant Unwrapped!

1. Like Our Social Media Posts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or X (Twitter).

2. Share our Social Media Posts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or X (Twitter).

3. Submit a written, audio or video story of your journey with us to share on our website.

4. Check to see if your Center has Intestinal Rehab & Transplant Unwrapped business cards and informational literature available for patients.

5. Share your questions and experiences with others in the community at Support Group or in our Facebook Support Group. 

6. Ask your Center if they have distributed any Elpis the Elephant Gets an Intestinal Transplant Books to patients.

7. Do a Facebook Fundraiser for Intestinal Rehab & Transplant Unwrapped.

8. Be willing to participate in an email survey about Intestinal Rehab & Transplant Unwrapped.

9. Share any website or technical expertise with us. 

10. Attend Intestinal Rehab & Transplant Unwrapped Webinars and participate with questions. 

How Do We Use Your Donation?

Intestinal Rehab & Transplant Unwrapped is an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization run exclusively by unpaid volunteers. 100% of donations are used for the development of new educational resources, support programs, and general operating expenses. Our EIN: 85-0748376.

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