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Financial Resources for Transplant Patients

National Foundation for Transplants:

NFT helps organ and tissue transplant candidates and recipients overcome the financial challenges associated with transplantation. NFT offers assistance through fundraising and grant programs for transplant-related costs not covered by public or private insurance.

Help Hope Live

Supports community-based fundraising for unmet medical & related expenses due to cell and organ transplants and other illnesses and injuries

Children’s Organ Transplant Association (COTA)

Helps kids in need of organ transplant and helps families organize fundraisers for transplant-related expenses. 

Dental Lifeline:

Provides access to dental care & education for people who cannot afford it. Restrictions: permanent disability, or 65+, or medically fragile. Flagship program: Donated Dental Services (DDS) dental care is provided through network of 15,000 volunteer dentists & 3,600 volunteer labs.

Rx Outreach

Access to affordable meds. Non-profit pharmacy.

Air Care Alliance

Nationwide league of humanitarian flying organizations whose volunteer pilots fly for health care, patient transport, etc. May provide free or low-cost flights for medical evaluations and surgery for living donors and recipients.

American Organ Transplant Association

This organization helps patients find free transportation to and from transplant center.

Angel Med-Flight

Bedside-to-Bedside transportation for transplant recipients. They are able to arrange transport of any age patient, beginning with infant and pediatric all the way through patients at an advanced age.

Patient AirLift Services (PALS)

Nonprofit that arranges free flights for those in need of medical diagnosis or treatment; volunteer pilots use their own or rented aircrafts.

Transplant Recipients International Organization (TRIO)/ United Airlines Travel Program

The TRIO/United Airlines Travel Program provides for transplant recipients, candidates, living donors and care-givers cost-free air transportation when travel is transplant-related.

Medication Assistance Programs

Genetech Access to Care Foundation (GATCF). Helps people whose health care plan doesn’t pay for their medicine. Qualified patients receive medication free of charge. Medications of interest: Rituximab, Valcyte, Cellcept.

Novartis Patient Assistance Program

The Patient Assistance Foundation provides assistance to patients experiencing hardship and do not have third-party coverage for medication. Medications of interest: Cyclosporine, Reclast.

HealthWell Foundation

Helps people financially with copays, coinsurance, and premiums for medical treatment they are unable to afford. Goal is to give health care to people, even if they can’t afford it.

Patient Access Network (PAN)

For patients running low on funds – must be insured and income level must fall below 400% of Federal Poverty Level.

Rx Advocates

Help people enroll in the programs by the manufacturers.


Website that is a comprehensive directory of patient assistance programs. Search for a medication and the directory will list the available assistance programs for the particular medication. Ex: Enter tacrolimus to see search results for an online application to apply for assistance with getting the med. Both a patient section and healthcare professional section.

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