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There are many scientific and medical journal articles available that cover all aspects of intestinal and multivisceral transplant. While many do require subscriptions to the respective journals, there are quite a few articles available for free. Although not all-inclusive, this page provides links to some of those free articles for further reading. If you have a journal article that you would like to post on the website please contact us. 

Adult Intestinal Transplantation

Authors: Cal S. Matsumoto, MD, Sukanya Subramanian, MD, and Thomas M. Fishbein, MD

Year: 2018

Current Status of Intestinal and Multivisceral Transplantation

Authors: Bharadwaj S et al.

Year: 2017

ESPEN endorsed recommendations. Definition and classification of intestinal failure in adults.

Authors: Pironi et al.

Year: 2015

Ethics of emerging technologies and their transition to accepted practice: intestinal transplant for short bowel syndrome

Authors: CL Cummings and MR Mercurio

Year: 2012

Evolution of the immunosuppressive strategies for the intestinal and multivisceral recipients with special reference to allograft immunity and achievement of partial tolerance

Authors: Abu-El Magd et al.

Year: 2008

Graft Versus Host Disease in Intestinal Transplantation 

Authors: George V. Mazariegos et al.

Year: 2004

Immunologic Challenges in Small Bowel Transplantation 

Authors: M. BergerA. ZeeviD. G. FarmerK. M. Abu‐Elmagd

Year: 2012

Imaging of Intestinal and Multivisceral Transplantation

Authors: Rees et al.

Year: 2018

Intestinal and Multivisceral Transplantation- Textbook Chapter

Authors: Fishbein and Matsumoto

Year: 2006

Intestinal transplantation: evolution and current status.

Authors: Jose Cunha-Melo and Guilherme Costa

Year: 2014

Pathophysiology of Short Bowel Syndrome: Considerations of Resected and Residual Anatomy

Author: Kelly A. Tappenden

Year: 2014

Primary Care of the Solid Organ Transplant Recipient

Authors: Katherine Synder and Francesca Cimino

Year: 2016

Surgical Options to Enhance Intestinal Function in Patients with Short Bowel Syndrome

Authors: Josh Somovilla and Brad Warner

Year: 2014

The list of articles above are materials that Transplant Unwrapped users may be interested in reading. Transplant Unwrapped does not endorse these journals or their sponsoring organizations and cannot be responsible for information they contain. As with any information found on the internet we strongly suggest you discuss it with an appropriate professional before making any changes in your care or respective services. View our terms of use and disclaimer policies for more information. 

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