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Transitioning to Adult Care

As you get older, you need to start taking more control of your care and managing your treatment so you can be prepared to take over full control when you become an adult. This is also a way to show your parents you have matured, and they should give you more independence. Some questions you should be able to answer about your care include:

Young adults:

  • Are you able to identify the members of your transplant team?

  • Can you describe the type of intestinal transplant you received?

  • Can you describe the reason why you received the intestinal transplant?

  • Can you explain how the intestinal transplant affects your daily life at home and your life at school?

  • Can you name your medications?

  • Can you describe what will happen if you don’t follow your treatment plan, including taking medication?

  • Do you know how to make appointments with your transplant team?

  • Do you know the signs and symptoms of acute rejection?

  • Do you know the basics of infection prevention and why this is important for a transplant patient?

  • Do you know what health insurance provider you have? Do you carry your insurance card with you at all times?

  • Do you understand the interactions of alcohol and drugs on your medications?

There are many websites and informational packets available on this topic. Please see the main young adults page for a website listing.

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