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Additional Topics

and Resources

This section provides information and resources on a variety of topics relating to short bowel syndrome, intestinal failure, intestinal rehabilitation, and intestinal and multivisceral transplantation. 


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Topic of the Month Home

View this page to see all of the handbooks and downloads we offer. 

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Rehabilitation and Transplantation Centers

Learn about selecting a center and find a listing of centers in the United States.

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Learn about COVID-19 for immunosuppressed patients and those living with chronic illness.

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Video Library

Links to a variety of helpful videos on gastrointestinal and transplant topics. 

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Topic of the Month Resources

Site members can go here to download our resources. Not a member, sign-up is free and easy! Just enter an email, Facebook, or Google info. 

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Financing a Transplant

Learn about the costs associated with a transplant and the different ways you can help pay for the expenses.

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Parenteral (PN) and Enteral  Nutrition

Learn about parenteral and enteral nutrition (tube feedings). 

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Glossary and Abbreviations

Helpful terms and abbreviations you may encounter throughout your intestinal journey. 

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Organ Donation

Learn about the basics of organ donation policy, allocation, and governing organizations.


Life After Transplant

Learn about many topics important to post-transplant life.

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Living with an Ostomy

Find information on common terms and appliances.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A wide variety of frequently asked questions from many different categories.

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