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Welcome to the Transplant Unwrapped Clinician Section!

Intestinal Transplant At-a-Glance

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1987: Dr. Thomas E. Starzl at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pittsburgh, PA performs the first multiviscereal transplant.

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1987: The introduction of FK-506 (Tacrolimus) in 1987 and FDA approval in 1994 resulted in significant improvements in survival of intestinal transplant patients.

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An intestinal transplant is a treatment option for patients with intestinal failure who have failed other medical and/or surgical treatments.

Clinician Information: Pre-Transplant.

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Intestinal Failure

Learn more about the causes of Short Bowel Syndrome (SBS) and intestinal failure. 

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Intestinal Rehab and Indications for Transplant 

Learn more about intestinal rehabilitation and the indications for an intestinal transplant.

Clinician Information: Intestinal and Multivisceral Transplant.

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The Transplant Process

Learn more about the steps of the intestinal transplant process.

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Post-Transplant Medications

Learn about the most common immunosuppressant and prophylactic medications. 

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Post-Transplant Complications

Learn more about the most common complicaions after an intestinal transplant.

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Transplant Patient Management

Learn about important health maintenance measures post-transplant. 

Other Useful Information For Clinicians:

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Listing of Centers

Find a listing of intestinal transplant centers with links to patient referral pages.

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Learn from both live and recorded webinars on intestinal rehabilitation and transplantation. Sign-Up to view past-webinars.

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Journal Articles

Find a listing of journal articles on intestinal transplant. Free to read online. 

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Helpful Websites

A listing of professional organizations and further reading on intestinal rehabilitation and transplantation.

What Other Clinicians Are Saying:

“Your website is nothing less than terrific and really a wonderful service for patients and providers.”

Dr. Alan Buchman, Univeristy of Illinois Hospital

"I think this initiative with Transplant Unwrapped is really good. Education is crucial. More than 50% of people are not aware of when to send patients for a [intestinal] transplant.  I think we need a lot of awareness here."

Dr. Rodrigo Vianna, University of Miami-JMH

“Your site is amazing! There is so much information that will be valuable to SB [short bowel] patients and families.”

Beverly Kosmach-Park DNP, RN, FAAN UPMC CHildren's

Do you have an expertise to contribute?

We are always looking for clinicians to volunteer time and skills in a variety of ways to continue to fulfill our mission. 

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